Wastewater Plant Improvements


Grand Haven/Spring Lake Sewer Authority

Project Location

Grand Haven, MI

Construction Type

Construction Manager


Wastewater Plant Improvements

Construction Manager Renovation

Improvements at the Grand Haven/Spring Lake Sewer Authority’s wastewater plant will include the following:

  • Construction of a new headworks building featuring a triplex pump station, screening system, and grit removal system
  • Replacement of two primary sludge pumps, valves, and piping
  • Replacement of four activated sludge pumps, valves, and piping
  • Replacement of the main electrical service including pad-mount transformer, automatic transfer switch, and main switchboard
  • Conversion of the existing grit building into a storage facility

A phasing plan was developed in order to keep the pumps at the primary and activated sludge buildings operational at all times. New site piping will not be installed until the new headworks building is complete. Multiple pipes including the sanitary sewer and force mains will be bypassed while the new piping is connected.

Due to the project’s close proximity to the Grand River, the deepest point of construction will be 12-15 ft below the water table. In order to maintain a dry working area, water pumps will be installed.