Road Commission of Kalamazoo County


Road Commission of Kalamazoo County

Project Location

Kalamazoo, MI

Construction Type

New Construction

Self Performing Trades

Road Commission of Kalamazoo County

The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) project aimed to create a multi-building complex to accommodate the organization’s needs and support its growth over the next five decades. Triangle Constructors’ involvement encompassed a comprehensive general trades package, along with several unique features that expanded beyond the usual scope of work.


Doors and Hardware:

The installation of doors and hardware followed typical commercial standards but stood out with the inclusion of beautiful PLAM veneer and premium trim kits on locksets and exit devices.


Amidst the office space, various casework installations were notable, particularly the striking display cases at the entrance. Additionally, attention-worthy features included quartz countertops in key areas and the transformation of antique draft tables into a singular worktable.


The office building has rich accents of white oak trim throughout. Notable elements included floating white oak beams in the boardroom and oak tongue-and-groove accent walls in conference rooms. Innovative sound baffles and beams, crafted from mineral wool and wood veneer, adorned select areas. A standout feature was the grand staircase with 3-inch-thick white oak treads and matching handrails, adding to the building’s aesthetic appeal. Solid surface windowsills further enhanced the interior.

FEC/Bath Accessories:

Essential fixtures such as fire extinguisher cabinets and bathroom accessories were seamlessly integrated. Stainless steel bath partitions and sleek cabinets housing fire extinguishers contributed to both functionality and aesthetics.

Unique Additions:

Beyond the typical scope, Constructors had the privilege of suspending an antique road grader from the lobby vestibule ceiling, creating a captivating focal point. Highway guardrails were repurposed as accent pieces in the break room, reflecting the organization’s identity as a road commission. Additionally, collaboration room tables featured innovative bases constructed from culvert pipes filled with concrete, supporting concrete countertops resembling asphalt roads.


The RCKC project was not just about construction; it was a testament to innovation and creativity tailored to the unique needs of the Kalamazoo Country Road Commission. Each element contributed to a space that embodies functionality, aesthetics and the identity of the organization.

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