PARCC Side Clean Water Plant


North Kent Sewer Authority

Project Location

Plainfield Township, MI

Construction Type

New Construction

PARCC Side Clean Water Plant

Construction Management New Construction

The PARCC Side Clean Water Plant was designed to serve the municipalities that make up the North Kent Sewer Authority: Plainfield Charter Township, Alpine Township, City of Rockford, Cannon Township and Courtland Township. All public sewers from these five communities are treated by PARCC Side.

This project involved pre-construction services, engineering design services, site surcharging, widening of the Grand River, plant construction, influent (raw sewage) piping to the plant, effluent or clean treated water piping to the river, and a new membrane system. As a result of our process, Triangle was able to shorten the schedule by 22 percent which proved to be a great value to PARCC.

Membrane technologies are used for the treatment of both drinking water and wastewater. At the PARCC Side Clean Water Plant the membrane bioreactor process is used to treat wastewater from the surrounding communities producing a very high quality effluent for discharge back to the environment. A particular advantage of the membrane bioreactor process is that it uses much less space as compared to traditional treatment technologies. The PARC Side plant required only a 122’ x 287’ footprint which is approximately a quarter of the space required for a treatment plant with similar capacity.

PARCC Side Clean Water plant is designed to serve over 25,600 Residential Equivalent Units (Reu’s) which means that the plant will be treating the flow from the communities equivalent to that generated by over 25,600 homes.