Muskegon County C Station


Muskegon County

Project Location

Muskegon, MI

Construction Type

New Construction

Muskegon County C Station

Construction Management New Construction

The 55-mgd Muskegon Pump Station C is the County’s largest station. It collects water from the western portion of Muskegon County and pumps it to the Muskegon County Waste Water Management System.
The Muskegon County Wastewater Management System (MCWMS) has been working to reduce energy waste in its system for several years. MCWMS has been revamping most of its pumping system: three stations were rebuilt, three updated, and five completely removed from the system by re-routing pipelines.

Pump Station C is the final piece of the transformation. Rather than modifying the station, MCWMS decided to re-construct it making the new station as efficient and reliable as possible. With newer equipment and properly-sized pumps, the new station uses 40 percent less energy, saving the County $84,000 each year and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

To meet future demands and make the station more reliable, there are two separate stations in one building with each side having its own power supply, wet well, controls, and three pumps. They all run from the station control room with a back-up to keep the station running smoothly during a routine or unexpected maintenance. There is a back-up generator that can power two of the 600-horsepower pumps in case of a power failure.

The double stations are easier to maintain. The station’s crew does not have to shut down multiple systems to inspect or repair one part, and they have more time to perform each task