Martineau Avenue for the Arts


Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids

Project Location

Grand Rapids, MI

Construction Type


Martineau Avenue for the Arts

General Contracting MSHDA Funded Renovation Urban Construction

Spanning nearly an entire city block in the Heartside District, the LEED Certified Avenue for the Arts–Martineau project has given new life to a once dilapidated area in downtown Grand Rapids. Located on Division Avenue, this project houses studio space and offices for Calvin College, a café and catering service, retail space and loft-style apartments. Avenue for the Arts was the first project to receive a $100,000 Cool Cities Grant in West Michigan.

The buildings had been vacant for nearly 20 years before this project began. Complete interior renovations and an MEP system overhaul renewed the rundown facilities. Historical components such as hardwood floors and intricate metal ceilings were rehabilitated to their original quality. Privacy within the units was provided by customized sliding panel partitions.

Conflicting material requirements for historical preservation and LEED certification created a challenge. Triangle successfully developed alternatives and coordinated with each agency. Specific guidelines of multiple state and local agencies including LISC, MSHDA and HUD were closely followed. Tax credits were utilized for the historical and Brownfield project elements.

New York City style loft apartments support living/working art space for residents. Apartment walls were primed to encourage occupants to customize their spaces.

This is a MSHDA funded project.