Dwelling Place LCH36 Apartments


Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids

Project Location

Grand Rapids, MI

Construction Type


Dwelling Place LCH36 Apartments

Affordable Housing Construction Management Renovation Urban Construction

This project included the transformation of five small buildings Dwelling Place currently owns in the Heartside Neighborhood: Lenox Apartments, Liz’s House, Calumet Flats, Chaffee Apartments, and Peterlein Apartments. Four of the sites were already functioning apartment buildings, but the Peterlein site was previously a commercial building. The project required a complete gut renovation and a new parking area before it was transformed into an apartment complex.

Upon completion, the 6-month project included a 50-unit remodel for a total of 50,000 sq ft of second- and third-story work. The existing apartment buildings were completely renovated with electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and finish work. Additionally, throughout construction, the first floor of the buildings occupied by retail tenants remained open to the public.