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Grand Rapids, MI

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CNG Fueling Station

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A new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station was constructed in Grand Rapids to accommodate the new Rapid bus fleet. The Rapid started converting their diesel buses to the more environmentally friendly gas in 2017.

This project consisted of mostly underground work, which proved to be a challenge because of existing soil conditions. To maintain the native soils, Triangle had to pre-load the site and install augercaste piles to support the equipment foundations. A small building was built above ground as well to house all of the electrical equipment on site. All equipment was supplied by ANGI Energy Systems.
The station contains three unmanned fuel islands, with the capacity to add one more additional island and a future retail space for non-Rapid CNG customers. A direct gas line from the street was accessed by DTE and the gas is then led through a series of processes to become converted into fuel for use.