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February 2, 2024

New Hire Spotlight: Nick Haglund

Name: Nick Haglund

Title: Senior Project Manager


What is your proudest accomplishment?

My kids have yet to disappoint me!

Winning a national ABC award for the AVA Library in Ada.


Why Triangle?

Triangle has a solid reputation for being good at what they do.  I like doing good work and want to work for a company known for that.  Additionally, the people I knew that were working here, or met during the interview process all projected that same “do good work and be good at what you do” persona.


How has your career grown since starting at Triangle?

I’ll have to work on this one!


Favorite project you’ve worked on?

My two:

Ada Amy VanAndel Library – I got to build a library!  I got a national award for building a great building!

Civic Theatre – Historic building with a beautiful entrance addition, technically challenging structural changes throughout, and also the organization was four different buildings with various historic detailing, piled stone footings: cast iron columns, such an interesting project.


What do you like to do in your free time?

  • Read – I read a lot, I’m not a fan of Amazon, but I love my Kindle like a third child.
  • Travel – Luckily, this is something the whole family agrees upon and that we’ve been able to enjoy together.


How did you end up in construction?

I got a job in construction so that I could get some hands-on experience and save up some money to return to college, but I ended up enjoying the teamwork, the unique breadth of subcontractor knowledge and know-how and the amazing sense of accomplishment and pride in our finished product, so I stayed.


What’s the last book you read?

How Beautiful We Were by Imbolo Mbue


What motivates you?

Curiosity, learning new things.





Hidden talents?

Ha, I don’t even have an unhidden talent!