Project Manager


Grand Rapids, MI

Project Manager


The Project Manager manages the conduct and performance of the construction project, including administration, control and application of resources, safety, and profitability.

Technical/Administration Requirements

  • Provide administrative leadership and coordination of the project team to achieve corporate and project goals.
  • Administer Leeds Program, if appropriate for the project

Management Requirements

  • Organize and manage projects assigned by COO
  • Ensure project is built on schedule and within budget
  • Develop and oversee implementation of project safety programs
  • Develop and oversee implementation of project quality control program
  • Make appropriate recommendations to management for individual and team training.

Contract Management

  • Review Owner contract and coordinate all applicable conditions into our Master Subcontract Agreements for the project.
  • Develop and/or review subcontracts. Execute subcontracts and purchase orders to ensure conformance with stated budgets and estimates
  • Oversee receipt, review, and distribution of all requests for change.
  • Manage the revision log
  • Oversee pricing, tabulation, and presentation of all requests for change.
  • Receive, review and preparation and tracking of all owner change orders and budget reporting
  • Preparation and execution of subcontractor change orders
  • Update Timberline job cost system to reflect an approved change.
  • Preparation of monthly Operations Financial Review meetings
  • Preparation of monthly Operation’s Scheduling Review meetings
  • Manage communications with the owner, design professionals and consultants
  • Direct communications with the Triangle’s project superintendent and other team members to understand project status and outstanding issues
  • Review and approval of all invoices and weekly time sheets
  • Conduct regular job progress meetings with the owner and design professional
  • Evaluate subcontractor’s status for schedule compliance, billings, retainage, and subcontract changes.
  • Preparation of monthly (or more frequently as may be required by the COO) job forecasts utilizing information gathered by the Project Engineer and Superintendent