In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Triangle Associates has been taking action to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Facilities are constantly being sanitized, employees and trade partners are completing health screens daily, and everyone is practicing safe social distancing tactics on jobs deemed essential. We continue to follow CDC guidelines to ensure that all facilities stay up and running while keeping our employees safe.


07 May

Construction resumes with COVID-19 plans in place

All worksites resume with updated COVID-19 worksite safety plans in place. Authorized site personnel are required to closely follow new site standards. See full list of updated requirements within our Response Plans and Standards under the Communications section below.
04 May

Updated safety protocols for site and office

New safety plans and protocols were reviewed and solidified for both site and office including use of proper PPE, sanitation procedures, social distancing measure and more.
23 Mar

Stay at home order issued

Immediately secured and temporarily shut down all job sites and office activities.  Remote work guidelines are put in place.
19 Mar

Onsite illness monitoring and prevention

Updated guidelines to monitor and inhibit viral spread.  Hand washing stations put at entry and exit points, increased site cleaning, regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, recording of all onsite illnesses begins.
11 Mar

Hygiene protocols put in place

Protocols for proper hygiene enforced in office and on project sites to prevent spread of illness.  Signs posted in all employee areas.  All employees required to wipe down work stations daily.