Intern Spotlight: Stephen Koziak

Name: Stephen Koziak

University: Ferris State

High School: Mona Shores


What is your major?

Construction Management


What extracurriculars are you apart of?

I enjoy playing in Sunday golf league with my dad.


What jobsite will you be on?

Mona Shores Middle School


Why did you choose Triangle?

I choose Triangle because I’ve seen Triangle’s signs from all different jobsites around my community, and it made me interested in applying.


What are you most looking forward to learning about?

I am looking forward to learning about how and what things you need to perform in order to turn over a project on time.


Why construction?

I just like how several companies and people come together for one common goal. I also like to take the beginning process in and I like how we can make it into anything, in just a few weeks


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to golf and hang out with my friends.


Song that is currently on repeat?

Rich Men North of Richmond


Any hidden talents?

I am a really good competitive simmer