Intern Spotlight: Erick Hannahs

Name: Erick Hannahs
University: The Ferris State University

High School: Mona Shores High school

What is your major?

Construction Management

What extracurriculars are you apart of?

I am the current Vice President of the fishing club at Ferris as well as a club sports council member.

What jobsite will you be on?

The job sites that I will be on for my Internship are Rock/Miller Hall Renovation and the new CVL building on campus at Ferris State.

Why did you choose Triangle?

I chose Triangle because I constantly have heard great things about the company and I had worked on a Triangle job site in the past as a sub-contractor and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on that job. The atmosphere and commitment to success that Triangle holds is unprecedented compared to other GC’s in the area and it was a very easy and smart decision for me to pursue an internship with this company.

What are you most looking forward to learning about?

I am most looking forward to learning the day to day responsibilities and ins and outs of both superintendents and project managers during my time as in intern at Triangle. This will help guide me on which path I should pursue as my career after college and it will be helpful to learn the workflow process of both to give me the best understanding of how a jobsite should preform from cradle to grave. I am also specifically interested in learning more about Procore and seeing just how useful it is compared to other applications.

Why construction?

Construction was never my first choice for my career path but once I looked into it a bit more I discovered the endless opportunities of work both locally and nationally and decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to get into this industry. I have always been a hard worker, whether it had been in sports growing up or just doing labor work for some family members. Being capable and willing to work hard physically is a very fitting aspect of construction and is another reason that I believed that I can succeed in construction.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend majority of my free time fishing for bass but other species as well, hunting for deer, waterfowl, and turkey, and spending time with family. When I’m not doing one of these things, you can probably find me kicked back in a recliner watching sports or taking a one of my famous “30 minute” naps that more often than not turns into about 2 1/2 hours.

Song that is currently on repeat?

Straight and Narrow – Sam Barber

Any hidden talents?

Its been a while but I can probably still do a standing backflip and I am also a pretty
good cook for my age, above average to say the least.