Intern Spotlight: Owen Worthington

Name: Owen Worthington

University: Ferris State


High School: Grand Haven


What is your major?

Construction Management


What extracurriculars are you apart of?

I play intramural basketball.


What jobsite will you be on?

Jenison Rosewood, Pinewood and Bursley elementary schools


Why did you choose Triangle?

Seeing the presence that Triangle has on Ferris States campus got me interested in the company in the first place, and after walking through the Center for Virtual Learning building with Jamie Duplissis and the estimating team, I was even more ready to apply for an internship. The reason why I chose Triangle though, was because of the way I was welcomed through the whole recruitment/interview process.


What are you most looking forward to learning about?

I am the most excited about just being on the different job sites, learning about the construction process and seeing how everyone operates.


Why construction?

I chose construction because it is a career path where you can be in the office and at the site which I like a lot.


What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I love doing stuff outside, however the main things I find myself doing are golfing, surfing and working out.


Song that is currently on repeat?

Jump by Van Halen


Any hidden talents?

I am very good at Spikeball.